Our Government have failed to prove to us that the pandemic ravaging the world is also present in our Country, yet they take proactive means more than developed countries where it is more critical. I have friends in United States who graduated last week, and many to graduate this week, but here academics is on hold, we are worsening the situation by so called online classes when it is evident that 60% of students aren’t technically enlightened, and 20% although they are enlightened don’t have access to technology due to location, electricity or finance, we are subjected to total lockdown with no means of survival, many countries assisted her citizens with monthly stipend, countries like America where over 80millon citizens received $2000 (N780,000) but our Nigeria government promised us N20,000 (about $51) and nobody could come out and say I received mine, but the Minister of Information bodly said N100bn has been shared to Nigerians in 3days, this is a situation that calls for endless shedding of tears, it is indeed a pity. Now look at Rivers State the Treasure base of the nation claims to have confirmed 21cases 4Recoveries and 2deaths, that is good I went to a Rivers based blogger and big journalist I know very well, and I asked him why he haven’t interviewed any of the survivors, he said to me they told him at the quarantine centers that the families said they don’t need the press on them because of stigmatization, I laughed and asked him “Stigma of collecting money to accept a deadly disease or what” he responded “probably you don’t want to live long” I asked him ok what of the dead ones let us go and see their families, he said the same thing, and he have been restricted from all quarantine centers, then it Dawn on me this is politics, again our politicians have failed us, they want to cripple the economy to gain international recognition and financial support to enrich their pockets!! The ones they have looted from the treasury isn’t enough any longer, Markets, Schools and other business places are on lockdown, if you try to disobey your business place is pulled down.

Hotels in Rivers State pulled down for flouting the State lockdown order.

Okay I am not going to justify the victims here because an instruction was given although the Governor should have other punishment not demolition!!! How many years of investment just gone like that, no now he should have lock the building for a period of time, atmost a year, or even auction it.

I would have said Nigerians should troop out to the street and protest but unfortunately there are happy trigger police already awaiting us, funny enough they see a Civilian on the street, they already trigger without much questioning, now the police kills you to protect you from Corona, what a Country


Now none of those Civilians had a weapon, yet the happy trigger police shot, we are really overdoing things when there is no prove if Corona is in this Country, people are indoors dying of hunger, especially those who live on daily income, yet all the Government can say is Lock down where he didn’t give an alternative for us to survive!!

Frustrated man crying for help for his hungry family at home

A comedian during this period created a video I watch everyday @kingjames

Comedian kingjames

The Nigerian Government should open back our Borders, open back schools and business places if they can’t prove to us there is Corona in this country, Nigerians have made it clear that we prefer to die by Corona than to die by hunger or police brutality. And also our Government should remember that in away we are the ones who put them there, although it doesn’t work all the time, I keep telling people never to give Nigerian politicians last term because they come to steal and show their real colours!!

Meanwhile if you still have hope in this Country I want to assure you one day you will get depressed like me👍